elite matrimony, elegant & thoughtful

It only happens in India. Elite Matrimony, a newly introduced service from bharat matrimony is aimed at helping the big shots, who are worth more than Rs. 10 crores, to sign-up without letting 15 million people know about their single lives (it is basically a privacy matrimony portal).

On one side, we have the broad minded society, making more money by the day and we would only expect love marriages to bloom faster than ever. That’s when we have a ‘kahaani mein twist’. No doubt, far too many people are falling in love and rightfully so but the arranged marriage will never call it quits. On the contrary, it is picking-up quite well. Just like the TV-Print duo; the TV is the most popular medium but it can never kill the Print Medium.

Coming back to Elite Matrimony, it is nice to see there is technology that helps potential grooms and brides to ‘select’ the the right partner and then there are entrepreneurs who see the the amazingly unpredictable country and come-up with hitherto unknown concepts.

if you are worth over Rs. 100 million

if you are worth over Rs. 100 million

Elite Matrimony: While the registration is strictly invitation based, you can place your request if you fit into one of the following new age caste system.
– business (women/men)/industrialists
– high net-worth individuals (professionals, people in service)
– civil servants
– celebrities (actors, sports personalities, artists and others)

Consider yourself invited if you net-worth is over a 100 million (Indian Rs.)

Having said that, may be the service won’t last long or may be this is a ‘grapes are sour’ styled ending!


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One Response to “elite matrimony, elegant & thoughtful”

  1. PK Seth Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Only yesterday i paid a cheque of Rs 47000 for getting Elite membership as per my telephonic conversation with Mr Shahbuddin, Manager from Chennia , Head Office of Bharatmatrimony. I am astronish to see the mail in which my profile has been placed as a privelge member and not an Elite member. I fail to understand why my membership has been converted from Elite to Privilege one. Earlier I had a bitter experience from chennia being privilege member where in proper service was not given to me & i have already lodged my complaint in this regard. The above position shows that better matrimony in not at all careful in providing service to the clients. Kindly look into this serious lapse and give me the reason why discripencies in your work & service provided to me. Kindly intimate the action taken in this default.

    PK Seth
    D-16 Lajpat Nagar-II,
    New Delhi-110024
    Ph: 9891186343

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